NAVIN’s Activities Focus

1. Constitutional provision for Local Government (LG)
2. LG system structure in new federal system
3. Local Government Election
4. Sectoral devolution
5. Decentralized energy planning system
6. Policy advocacy
7. Institutional representation and participation in different committees, boards.

Capacity development of members
1. Training on financial management
2. Orientation in good governance in users committee
3. Awareness in effective service delivery
4. Enhancing access of children and women in LGs
5. Promoting environment and Climate change issues in LG planning and budgeting
6. Promotion of RET in LG planning/budgeting
7. Enhancing good governance ( transparency, accountability) in LG
8. Community awareness and capacity building ( CFLG, VDC block grants, RET, Right To Information , constitution)

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