National Consultation Workshop Completed

National Consultation Workshop Completed

National Association of VDCs in Nepal (NAVIN) has organized a national consultation program on the topic: “Federal Laws for Effective Local Governance”. The program was organized on Monday December 12, 2016 at Alfa House, New Baneswor, Kathmandu.

The national consultation Workshop on Local Governance Bill (replacement of LSG Act – 2055) as the Federal Law for Effective Local Governance had a wide participation of policy makers (parliamentarians), formerly elected local government leaders, local governance experts, member of civil society and media.

The half day event was a closed discussion where local leaders from different parts of the country interacted with professionals and policy makers to come up with comprehensive recommendations.

Two discussion papers were presented at the workshop. While the first one was presented by MoFALD, the second one was presented by NAVIN, which was followed by a key note speaker. The papers comprised of highlights and concerns local leaders had particularly on three themes:

  • Rights and responsibilities of local government units
  • Revenue bases and provisions to local governments
  • Issues on transitional management of local governments

Program Structure

The half day workshop was divided into four components: formal session, presentation of issues, comprehensive discussion, and closing session.

  1. First session: The program started with a formal session welcoming all guests. The objectives of the workshop were announced by the Secretary of NAVIN, Mr. Basu Basnet. He highlighted the importance and the objectives of the workshop. To streamline the formal discussion, Dr. Hari Paudel – Joint Secretary of MoFALD put forward the initial context and values of new bills further explained the process of formulating the upcoming bill that will replace LSGA 1999 and it Regulation 2000.
  2.  Second session: Main part of the workshop was paper presentations. The first paper on the main features and provisions of upcoming bill was presented by Mr. Gopal Aryal, Under Secretary of MoFALD. The paper included all aspects of the upcoming bill. The second paper was presented by Mr. Bimal Pokharel, Executive Director (ED) of NAVIN.  This paper focused on the feedback and suggestions on the bill by NAVIN, which the team had discussed and collected feedback from its members beforehand. Mr. Krishna Prasad Sapkota (Ex-president of ADDCN) commented on both the papers that were presented. He has raised more than 30 points where w improvement was required.
  3. Comprehensive discussion session: Main session of this workshop was participatory discussion and feedback collection from the participants. Mr. Ghana Shyam Khatiwada (chairperson of workshop) facilitated the session. Participants actively took part to air their views and provided suggestions to improve the bill. MoFALD- Under Secretary and presenter of first paper, Mr. Aryal said the ministry would take into consideration all the responses collected at the workshop and include them to improve the bill.
  4. Closing session: The program was concluded by a closing remark from program chair followed by dinner.


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