Interaction with media persons

NAVIN has organized interaction program with journalists who are especially involved in local development beat of their Medias on 30 January. Main objectives of this program were to raise and discussion on the current local development issues like local democracy, local level election and local governance. In this program, about 35 journalists were presented from different media house like Newspapers, Radio, TV and Online.
This program was focused on how to raise the local issues through Medias? And what are the responsible of Medias to keep the local good governance and transparency on local bodies? Mr. Reshmi Raj Pandey, joint secretary of Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) had facilitated on role of local government to promote the local good governance and transparency. Likewise, Mr. Taranath Dahal, former president of Nepal Federation of Journalist (FNJ) also facilitated on role of media to raise the local issues on Medias. He has also discussed about the responsibilities of journalist to promote the local democracy. Mr. Krishna Prasad Sapkota, former president of ADDCN has summarized the whole discussion interaction program.

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